Love On Fire #2 “Reach For The Hand”

Love On Fire #2My husband and I often sleep holding hands and I love it! The other night when I came to bed, he was sound asleep, but he immediately reached for my hand in his sleep. It touched my heart deeply because even subconsciously he was reaching out to be connected to me. It sounds sappy, perhaps to you, but holding hands is a beautiful practice.  I’ve noticed through the years, that in most of the long lasting marriages that I have admired, the people were often seen holding hands. It is such a simple act, but it expresses so much love.

If you think of it, the first time you really connected with your spouse  physically, it was by intermingling your fingers and holding hands. Remember how exciting it was and how your it made your heart race? Holding hands is the initial universal sign of taking the relationship deeper. Holding hands is also a good way to keep your marriage growing deeper.

The act of holding hands says, “I am thinking about you right at this very moment,” and “I care for you more deeply than others,” without speaking a word. Holding hands communicates that “There is a connection here,” to the world. Just the mere practice of holding hands is a beautiful way to express to your partner that he/she is a treasured, loved and honored part of your life.

Through many years of counselling couples in marital distress, I have found that holding hands is very important. Amazingly enough when a broken couple is analyzing what is wrong with their marriage, often one or the other partners will say, “We never hold hands anymore,” in the list of things that have gone wrong. Holding hands with your  partner is a small, but important act of kindness.

Assignment #2 in this “Love On Fire” series:  If you want to take your relationship to the next level, start reaching for the hand of your spouse. Do not wait for them to reach for yours, grab their hand gently and caress it. It is a beautiful, cost free expression of love, but it builds up your emotional savings account greatly.




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