Love On Fire

Love On Fire #2It is the week of Valentine’s and the the month of love! So, how’s your love life going? I hope it is sizzling hot! If it is it can always get hotter and if it is not,  I have a few tips this month that will help you reignite the fire of love in your marriage!

Love is a four letter word…W-O-R-K! Love is not a fairytale, unless you are willing to make it one! You can not expect the love fires to keep burning if you are not willing to work at keeping the flame going. You have to tend to the flame of love or it will go out and your marriage could die with it.

This month, I will share a few simple tips that are free (for the most part) and if done with the sweetest of intentions, a pure heart, and two willing participants, I think you will be turning up the flames of love in your marriage really soon! These assignments will take an investment of time, energy and thoughtfulness, but if you play your cards right, you could be taking your marriage relationship to a new level of passionate intimacy!

Assignment #1 MAKE A POINT TO STUDY YOUR SPOUSE. I mean really study them, like you did when you first noticed them. Look them up and down. Make of list of everything you love about them in the notes on your phone, computer or Ipad. Tell your best friend or someone you trust your discoveries, like you did when the romance was first budding. Notice the hair, the eyes, the dimples, the perfect imperfections, the butt…oh yeah, I said it, the butt! You noticed all of this and more before you ever went on that first date. Now, it is time NOTICE IT ALL OVER AGAIN! I mean really notice the total package of the person you fell in love with. Study them from head to toe with a look that burns straight through them. The kind of look that they can feel across a crowded room. Do not tell them what you are doing. If they ask, just say, “I am just enjoying the view,” or “Noticing how nice you look.” Don’t get too cheesy if you are not usually complimentary, “Oh, nothing.” maybe the perfect answer the first time you get caught studying your love. Sometimes you have to strike a few matches to get the fire going again.

The way you look at your spouse tells the world how you feel about them. If you look at them with a condescending or judgmental look when you communicate with them, it tells your spouse and others that the love fires are burning low in your relationship and it makes your relationship prey for those who would like to play. If you look at them with light in your eyes and an endearing smile on your face, it speaks to your spouse and the world that they are valued and loved and there is no room for trespassers here!

Life can get busy, and if you are not careful it can put a wet towel on the fires of passion that burn in your relationship. It is up to you, to reignite the fire. So, if you are ready to take the challenge, go to work on Assignment #1 MAKE A POINT TO STUDY YOUR SPOUSE. As you are studying your marriage partner, remember all the incredible qualities that caused you to fall in love the first time. Now look deeper, they are all still there and there are more beautiful things to discover still. When you are away from them think about all the good you rediscovered in them. Meditate on it. Read the list of their assets over again and again to yourself.  There are so many wonderful things to discover! Keep a running list and stay tuned to FREE TIPS FROM RED LIPS for Assignment #2 in the month of love!

Comment below and keep me posted on how you are doing on  Assignment #1! Go set your love on fire!


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