HOT MAMA'S GIVE-AWAY PHOTOLook at this awesome GIVE-AWAY sponsored by HOT MAMA’S SALSA!!!

I was speaking in Oklahoma City, when I met the owner of HOT MAMA’S SALSA, Audrey Stevens. Our meeting was way too brief, but I loved her from the start. She’s beautiful, fashionable and has a million dollar smile. I knew there was a lot more to this lady than her vibrant personality, so we became friends on Facebook and I began to learn her incredible story.

Audrey is a wife and a mom of four gorgeous boys. She’s an avid Christ-Follower and an entrepreneur! Her business, HOT MAMA’S SALSA, is blossoming and she accepted my request to review her salsa! HOT MAMA’S SALSA started as a fundraiser to raise money for her son’s medical care. He was diagnosed with Autism and in order to give him the care he needed, she began selling salsa to raise the funds. After the financial needs were met, people were still wanting to purchase HOT MAMA’S SALSA, so she turned it into a business.

From the moment you pop the lid off of HOT MAMA’S SALSA, you can smell the freshness. The salsa is GLUTEN and ALLERGEN FREE, made from the freshest ingredients! HOT MAMA’S is a healthful, delicious treat for everyone! There’s a HOT MAMA’S SALSA for every taste! I’ve sampled them all, Blazing Fire, Extreme Fire, Fire, Hot, Medium, and Mild.  My personal favorite is the Fire!

The texture of HOT MAMA’S SALSA is just right for me! It’s not too chunky and not too thin, it is the perfect in between texture. The Mild and Medium are perfect for young palates. For those who are more daring and want to take a walk on the wild side the Hot, Fire, Extreme Fire & Blazing Fire increase in heat in that order.

I love HOT MAMA’S SALSA! I love the heart of the owner, Audrey Stevens, to give back through Team Steven’s Ministry & Bears Club, two organizations she founded to help clothe, feed and serve families in need! I hope you help sponsor this small business and these products (MADE IN THE USA)  by placing your order soon! You can order individual jars by the pint or quart, as well as gift baskets! What a sweet way to send a hug to someone you care about!

One lucky winner will receive the beautiful gift basket featured above! To enter the give-away “LIKE” HOT MAMA’S SALSA ON FACEBOOK and “LIKE” & “SHARE”  and “COMMENT” on this post! HOT MAMA’S SALSA’S CONTACT,  405.802.8224,, or on Facebook @ HOT MAMA’S SALSA! 



  1. bkayjones22 (Author)

    My son just randomly picked the winner for the Hot Mama’s Salsa’s Gift Basket! The winner is Stacie Teigen!!! I guess all those shares paid off, Stacie! Thanks for entering the contest! Please message me your address, so we can get your Gift Basket in the mail! When you receive the basket, please send us a picture so we can post it! Thanks for entering everyone! Thanks Hot Mama’s Salsa for the great prize! Remember, if you didn’t win, you can always order your own basket on Hot Mama’s Salsa’s facebook page in Oklahoma City!

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