My Friends Need A Christmas Miracle!

David LeeI NEED YOUR HELP!!! A dear friend of mine, David Lee, was in a near fatal farming accident Thanksgiving morning. When his dad found him, he was blue, non-responsive and med-flighted to Huntsville Hospital. David is a farmer in Alabama and a volunteers in ministry. They are incredible Christ-Followers and have served in a kid’s camp alongside my husband and I for years.

David’s injuries include a broken neck, chest area trauma and the doctors are seriously concerned about his left arm having nerve damage.David was awakened today from the medically induced coma, and was responding to his wife and family. He asked what day it was and even realized it was Iron Bowl Day (He’s an intense Auburn Fan & Alumni)!

David & Julie have 4 kids, 2-12 years old, that Julie home schools. She is a stay at home mom, which is more than a full-time job! 🙂  They desperately need our help to get through the financial burdens that this accident has caused. That’s why I am asking my followers to consider helping make the healing time a little less stressful, by helping this family receive a Christmas Miracle!

To help go to and enter to make a tax-deductible donation for David Lee & Julie. Make sure to MARK YOUR DONATION AS A GIFT so that paypal will not charge a fee!  Whether you can give or not, please pray for David Lee and his family! God has already spared his life and now the rest of the healing begins! Thanks for considering helping this family in need! #prayfordavidlee


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