daddy daughterSo many people don’t know the joy of a father that delights in them. One who thinks highly of them and speaks well of them. God does this for His children! He delights in us! We tend to look for affirmation in people and people are not always capable of seeing  the value in another clearly because of their own issues.

Why don’t we look into the face of God to see what He thinks of us!
2 Samual 2:20-21
10 He (God) led me to a place of safety;
he rescued me because he delights in me.
21 The Lord rewarded me for doing right;
he restored me because of my innocence.

Do you get what this word is saying? God delights in us! Merriam Webster’s definition of delight is , “A strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction: something that makes you very happy : something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction.” It is often hard to grasp that someone finds you lovely and when they look at you they see past the imperfections?  God truly sees you that way, if you are His child! He sees you through perfect love. I hope you can somehow grasp the magnitude of that! Your Creator loves you and you bring Him pleasure and satisfaction.

Instead of getting all hung up on who you are or are not to anyone else, remember that there is one who sees the true beauty of you! He delights in you just being you! He looks at you and loves what He sees! You are His child and that is what matters most to Him! Savor that thought and tuck it away in your heart for those days when you feel “less than”. There is one who finds you altogether lovely, who chooses to overlook your flaws and see you as His perfect creation! That’s the true love of a Father and it is available to you from your Heavenly Father! You are His delight! Let that be your focus, then other opinions will begin to diminish! THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE DELIGHTS IN YOU!!!


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