halfheartThe greatest woman I have ever know was born on August 5, my grandmother. When asked what her name was she always said, “Mrs. B.D. Smith,” but she was so much more than just my grandfather’s wife. She was the greatest mother that ever breathed. Mothering just came natural to her. She mothered everyone that came into her presence. Her home was always open and full of love for anyone who needed it. She could do anything and fix anything. Many broken people set around her table and found the love, acceptance, healing and grace they needed to put their lives back together.

Giving up was never an option for her and she never gave up on any member of her family. You couldn’t keep a secret from her because she always had a way of knowing what was in the heart of those she loved. Often she would say, “I’ve been studying about Joan,” or another one of her kids and she would begin to intercede for them. When she made the call, there was always a reason she was praying. She never seemed to miss the mark on discernment.

When asked why she sent money to a great-grandchild that one of her grandchildren had neglected, she would always say, “If they have a drop of my blood in them, I want them and I’ll do all I can for the little fellows.” Years after she went to be Jesus, I still see the fruit of the prayers I’ve heard her pray.

She loved and ministered to people without a title or anywhere near the honor she deserved. At 10 years old, she became the leading lady in my life through what seemed tragedy. But the older I get, the more I understand, God needed what was in her to be downloaded into me and he allowed life’s circumstances to put us up close and personal. I never cried a tear in front of her, that she didn’t join in with tears of her own. We would ride around the block for hours when I was too sad and upset missing my mom. She wouldn’t send me into the school until she knew I was going to be okay.

She was a great prayer warrior, my best friend and my biggest fan. As one of my cousins said at her passing, “She somehow made each one of us feel like her favorite,” then after a short pause he said, “but we all knew B. was.” That made a tough time just a little sweeter. I was her baby, the last kid of 20 or more she helped raise. When I asked if I was her favorite she would always say, “You all are! (with a wink and a grin.) But I knew, like the rest of the crowd did, that I was it!  I know in heaven she’s a superstar and she will always hold a huge place of honor in my heart! ‘

I love and miss you Mama! I know you are getting the honor you deserve for all the things you did in secret. Now, God is rewarding you openly. I think of you every day and realize how blessed I was to land in your loving care! I treasure every minute we were together and wish we could have had more. Happy Birthday, “little woman”! You’re the greatest lady I’ve ever known!


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