peace-of-god-heart-550x320If you are part of God’s family, through the acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus, He has established a Covenant of Peace with you! No matter what you are facing you can live in and under that constant covering of peace.

Worry and fear will try to shake you and get you to dwell outside of that covering, but it is constantly available for you to dwell in! You don’t have to live defeated. You have authority in Jesus’ name to command fear, doubt and unbelief to get out of your mind. You have the promises of God to speak into existence.

Just because you cannot see the promises coming to pass, doesn’t mean they are not coming to pass. Promises delayed are not promises denied.

So, here is what I encourage you to do today… RECLAIM YOUR COVENANT OF PEACE!!! Begin to praise God now for the peace He has provided to you through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask forgiveness for doubting, worrying, and being fearful. Remind the Devil that he has no authority in your life and take back any place where you have given into him. Now, stand on the promises of God for the covenant of peace to cover you, it will not be removed!

When you are walking through hell it is easy to get worn down and push the promises of God to the back burner, but that will cause you to live in defeat! Today is your “STAND UP AND RECLAIM WHAT’S MINE DAY!!! As you begin to worship God and thank Him for His established covenant of peace, you will begin to feel His peace arise in you and the enemy will have to scatter, like a scared cat.

Your child will be saved! Your financial needs will be met! Your healing will come! Every promise God has spoken over you will happen. God is not a man that He could lie! Your praise and the faith that it exhibits is changing the outcome of this day! Aren’t you thankful for God’s great Covenant of Peace!!! It is a shelter for the righteous day and night!

Get your fight back! As long as you stay in peace and let God fight this battle…YOU WILL WIN!!!!

Isaiah 54:10
New International Version (NIV)
10 Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
says the Lord, who has compassion on you.PEACE OF GOD


  1. Thanks for this much needed reminder. A great encouragement for me as I continue to walk thru some health issues. God has promised healing! He is not a man, that He should lie!

    • bkayjones22 (Author)

      You are welcome! I’m glad God used this to encourage you! You are strong and courageous! I know you will overcome! Standing with you for healing!

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