Bacon, Jalapeno, Ranch Dip

Bacon, Jalapeno, Ranch Dip


This is an easy cold dip recipe I recently got from my friend. It has been a huge hit with my son, who is a fairly picky eater. This recipe is great to prepare for u-nexpected guests, pool parties, potlucks, etc.   It literally  can be put together in 5 minutes! Enjoy!

1 – 16 oz Sour Cream

1/4 – Cup of Parmesan Cheese (from the shaker, not fresh)

1 – Package of  Ranch Mix

Chopped Pickled Jalapenos to Taste

1 Tbsp. of  juice from the jalapenos (I added 2 because we like it spicy!)

Mix all the ingredients in a medium sized bowl with a spoon. Chill and serve with Tortilla Chips or Veggies!





  1. Your baked fajitas were the first meal I cooked in our new home-last night. They were a hit for all of my family. I especially loved them because they were simple and didn’t make a big mess while I am trying to get moved in. Great meal for this busy mom!

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