Mother’s Day Give-Away & Product Review!

SONY DSCThanks to my wonderful friend, Darla, at Beehive Bathhouse, I have a wonderful Mother’s Day Give-Away & a great Product Review for you! Every lady needs pampering and when we are all gearing up for summer, we need to nourish our skin so that we can sparkle and shine in our summer wardrobes! The Coconut Milk Body Refreshment Set is just what the doctor ordered! The set includes: Coconut Milk Lotion, Exfoliating Coconut Milk Shower Gel, Coconut  Shimmering Body Spray and a tube of Flip Flop Heel Salve!

I have to tell you that I love everyone of these products! There is a big buzz going on in the skincare world about coconut oil and coconut milk being beneficial to your skin care needs. Nature’s Way is always the best in my book! I love the Coconut Milk Lotion, it glides on your skin and is easily absorbed. It never leaves a greasy residue like so many lotions do. To be honest with you, I never used lotion very much before I was turned on to Beehive Bathhouse products. They all left my skin feeling greasy, but not Beehive products. You feel moisturized, but not over saturated with a filmy residue. It is as if your skin drinks in this product. The Coconut Milk Exfoliating Shower Gel, gently exfoliates your skin and gives you a fresh, clean, natural, lightly scented smell. The Coconut Milk Shimmer Spray, which also doubles as a leave-in hair conditioner and body fragrance is a “must have” for this girl! I love having a multi-task body spray, that works for my body and my hair. Using the body spray as a leave-in conditioner ups your fragrances performance! People often tell me how good my hair smells when they hug me! Last, but not least, the Flip Flop Heel Salve is a must have for Summer!!! Nobody wants to see chapped and cracking feet in sandals! Do the world a favor and get you some of this Heel Salve! I love the convenience of this product! It is so easy to apply, like chapstick for your feet! It helps moisturize and heal your skin so that people will be talking about your feet in a positive way! SONY DSC

These products and many more wonderful products are available on the internet or walking into Beehive Bathhouse and purchasing them. Whoever you give them to will be hooked forever on these great products! Keep Beehive Bathhouse in mind for all your skincare and gift needs! This package is available while supplies last! One lucky person will be the recipient of this great Mother’s Day Give-Away! The liquid products come in the 3 oz size which is perfect for travelling!  “LIKE”, “SHARE” & “COMMENT” (to let me know you did) on this blog post  and at Free Tips From Red Lips on Facebook, as many times as you wish chances to win! Happy Mother’s Day!

Free Tips From Red Lips  was not paid in any way to do this product review. We simply received the products free of charge, experienced them and posted our personal experience with them. If you have a product you would like for us to review, please send a request to Free Tips From Red Lips and we will be happy to consider reviewing your product if it is in good standing with our personal convictions!


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