Product Review: Headache Relief Package from Beehive Bathhouse

Unfortunately, I know a lot about headaches. I’ve dealt with them since I was a child. Quite naturally, I was excited when Beehive Bathhouse asked me to do a product review on some of their natural products for headache relief, “Headache Relief Bombs” & “Headache Bee Gone Oil”. SONY DSCThese products are in Beehive Bathhouse’s Jordan River Products line.  I totally love both of these products and will be hosting a Free Tips From Red Lips Give-Away on them starting today and ending on Sunday. So make sure to “LIKE”  “SHARE” , and “COMMENT”  on this post to be entered for the drawing and go on over to my Free Tips From Red Lips Facebook Page and do the same! Every time you “LIKE”, “SHARE” and “COMMENT” on the page and the give-away you’ll be entered into the drawing!

Free Tips From Red Lips was not compensated in any way for this Product Review. The expressed opinions are my personal opinions from my interaction with the products provided for me free of charge by Beehive Bathhouse.

“THE HEADACHE RELIEF BOMBS” are amazing! I love the smell of mint when I’m sick with a headache! The smell of the essential mint oils takes me back to the wonderful scent of a luxury spa! I just pop one of the these bombs in a warm bath and it naturally helps open up my sinuses, calms my mind and relaxes my body. The bomb starts fizzing the moment you unwrap it and immerse it in water and it releases the  most wonderful aromatherapy. I no longer want Calgon to “take me away,” I prefer the Beehive Bathhouse’s “HEADACHE RELIEF BOMB” to relax me and help dissolve the stress factor of my headache sagas! When you have a headache, you need pampering and that’s the gift this product brings!  If I had any negative critique about this product at all, I would love for the scents to be even stronger on the “HEADACHE RELIEF BOMB!”

THE “HEADACHE BEE GONE OIL” is another great product that aids in headache comfort and relief. It comes in the form of a tiny roll on, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. You apply it to your temples and forehead. It is a pretty strong scent of mint oils and almond oil. “HEADACHE BE GONE OIL” also opens up your sinuses and gives you a calming, relaxing source of relief.

I highly recommend both products for headache relief. If you are a fellow headache sufferer, I think you would enjoy having these two products in your arsenal of headache relief products. I don’t ever want to be without these great products again! I love the Beehive Bathhouse products! I’m partial to the Jordan River Products at Beehive that provide natural relief for health issues!



  1. Sounds like i really need to get these products. I am not a good person when I get a headache, just want to be quiet and dark!

    • bkayjones22 (Author)

      You are always a good person, but I totally understand wanting the room to be quiet and dark. Sometimes that is the best medicine!

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