“No Coupons? No Sweat!”

How do you plan your menu for the week? I don’t always have time to do coupons, but I do shop the specials. Many times I go to my local grocery store and look for the “Manager’s Specials” on meat, breads and produce. I plan my menu around these items.Managers Special

Most of the larger grocery stores mark the bread down 40-60 percent the day after it’s made. I am told by the employees that the meats are marked down several days before they actually expire. The bread is still fresh and you can freshen it up even more in the oven if you would like.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have time to coupon! You can still save by keeping your eyes peeled for marked down meat, produce and bread on “Manager’s Specials.” This can save you tons of money!

No coupons? No sweat! There’s always Manager’s Specials!


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