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Your spouse should be the #1 V.I.P. (Very Important Person) in your life. The truth is your spouse can help make your life as close to heaven as it can be or as close to hell as it can be. You should do all you can to make it a heavenly experience. In reality, one day the kids will be gone and there you will be with your husband/wife for the rest of your life. How you treat them in the in between time is essential to the climate you set for your marriage later.

The marriage vows say “I promise to love, honor and cherish”. If we just did those three things, all of our partners would feel like a V.I.P.s in our lives. When you are in love with someone you should treat them as well or better than you treat yourself. When you honor someone, you give them a special platform in your life that is supported by respect, unconditional love, and high esteem. When you cherish someone, you them as a precious treasure. You protect and handle with care the things you cherish. Make sure you love, honor and cherish your marriage partner. It’s the greatest gift you can give them.
V.I.P.s are usually given a place of honor at events. Give your spouse a place of honor beside you wherever you are. If your spouse walks in the room, acknowledge them with a kiss on the cheek a whisper in the ear, or some flirty eye contact. These are just small gestures, but they let your love and everyone else know, that they hold the V.I.P. status in your life.
V.I.P.s are usually given introductions. Now this seems like a small thing, but when your spouse is present always make sure and introduce them to people you know that they may not. Introducing your spouse to people you work with, old friends, or people you just met says, “This person is an essential part of me and they are worth knowing.” It’s always nice to introduce your spouse and say something nice about them to those you may encounter together.
V.I.P.s are spoken highly of. You should always uplift your spouse and magnify their best qualities to other people, as well as to them. When you are your spouse’s #1 fan they are more likely to thrive in life. They chose to marry you because you made them feel like nobody else could. Continue to make them feel special by the words you speak. Let them hear others speaking of how much you adore them. When you are tempted to speak negative about your spouse, remember, that would make you look like the idiot that married them, right?
My grandfather always told men, “Always treat your wife like a thoroughbred and you’ll never end up with a nag.” Perhaps that is a crude way of saying it, but if you want your spouse to treat you like a V.I.P., treat them like one as well.You get what you give, so esteem your spouse and make them feel like the most blessed person on the planet to be at the top of your V.I.P. list. Give them the best of yourself and the return should be a lifetime of passionate love.


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