Dear Aunt B

Dear Aunt B

Dear Aunt B….: I love your recent post on the passionate kiss! I can’t wait to put it into action. I do have a question: with young kids, how do I balance time between them and the husband without feelin like I have no time to myself? I love them all so much and I enjoy every second with them, but I find my only alone time is in the shower, and even then, the kids are usually bursting in with something. I’m not lookin to leave for a week, but I just don’t know how to have a “me” day without feeling a little guilty about it.

Happy Wife


Dear Happy Wife:

I totally remember being right where you are at in life. Being so in love with my family, but needing just a tiny break to refresh my mind, spirit and body. I never had babysitters or parents to help much at all. It was very hard to ever catch a break. What I did was sneak in mini-breaks. I would prepare myself a really nice bath with candles around the tub after the children were in bed or have their dad play with them while soaked awhile. When I did get to go to the store alone, I would stop at a drive through, get myself a drink, buy my favorite candy or magazine just to do something for myself. I also would stay in the car in the driveway when I came home for an extra few minutes just resting my mind or listening to my choice of music. My husband was good to watch the kids and let me go out with a friend for a couple of hours for coffee or dinner occasionally too. Adult talk was always a bonus! It all sounds so simple, but those short mental breaks really do help.

There is nothing wrong with taking a breather, as long as you know your kids are in good hands. A lot of moms feel guilty taking a break away from the family for a few hours, overnight, or a few days. The truth is doing so makes your family realize your worth and it gives you time to refuel and get your focus back. When you are burnt out, you can’t give your family the best part of you. Schedule yourself little breaks so you can come back and be a better mom. Whether it’s a movie, dinner with a friend, or maybe just a fancy bubble bath, take time to exhale! You my friend, have the toughest job in the world, but it sounds like your heart is in the right place! Ignore the mommy guilt, it just comes with the territory! You are not just taking a break to be selfish, you are taking a break to be better for your family!

This season of your life will be over in a flash! Make every happy memory you can! Kids don’t need a perfect life, they need a life filled with love, security, and peace!

***Dear Aunt B’s replies are simply friendly, faith based opinions from the heart. We hope they inspire, help and bring comfort to you. However, Aunt B in no way claims to be a licensed or professional counselor. She simply shares wisdom from her years in her own professional, educational and life experiences. The decisions you make are your own choices. Aunt B desires to be a heart that listens and a voice that inspires love and hope.***


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