couples-holding-hands-at-beachTOUCH AND THEN TOUCH AGAIN!

There is healing power in the touch of love. When your spouse knows that they can melt in your arms, that will most likely be their favorite place to land! Years ago at a marriage conference we were taught that women need 8 meaningful touches a day to be healthy. (I think men and women both need 8 meaningful touches a day, I bet the men just would not participate in the survey.) That sounds like a lot, but if you intentionally touch your spouse 8 meaningful times every day, the pay off will soon make you lose count of the touches.

A meaningful touch sends a message to your spouse that I’m aware of your presence, you are special to me, you bring me comfort, and above everyone else, you are my treasure. In my opinion, both men and women do better emotionally with the power of the meaningful touch.

Often when marriages are in crisis, one of the first things we hear is, “He/she never touches me anymore.” Most of the time the other person has not noticed how important the touch was to their loved one. I believe the touch connects our spirits. Even in dealing with people on an every day basis, like shaking their hand, when you put the other hand on top of theirs, you are sending a message that this is not just another hand shake. You are  focusing on them for the  moment and the connection you are making.

How much more does it say to your spouse when you go out of your way to give them a meaningful touch? A gentle brush of your hand across their cheek, a pat on the butt, holding their hand and caressing it…all this screams “I notice you.” These touches not only say to your mate that they are valued and loved, but it says to the on lookers, “This person is wanted and cared for.”

So try it! Touch your marriage partner intentionally at least 8 times today. Don’t advertise what you are doing. Just make it a point to do it every day and watch the warmth that returns in your every day exchanges.  I challenge you to TOUCH AND THEN TOUCH AGAIN!

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  1. I so agree with this. I always make an effort to touch my husband many times throughout the day and with every touch he looks and my with the sweetest eye contact and a gentle smile. It is quite rewarding. And as a matter of fact statics show that if you are speaking to a crowd and randomly walk out and put a hand on a shoulder to a few, the entire crowd is more likely to “hear” you.
    Thanks for the reminder! Blessings to you my beautiful friend!

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