date night

Do you remember the first time you kissed your spouse? I remember it well. That kiss took my breath away, made my knees weak and caused me to glow for several days! I could not wait until he kissed me again.

If you are not careful, life will steal the sizzle of the passionate kiss from your marriage. Sadly, many couples seldom kiss on a daily basis. The excuses vary.”Oh, we are beyond that!” “I don’t like public affection.” “That always leads to something else.” “We can’t do that in front of the kids.” My response to those statements is REALLY…SERIOUSLY????? You didn’t mind kissing to lure your partner, how about kissing to keep them?

Have you allowed life to steal the passion between you and your spouse? Well there is still hope for you! The passionate kiss took your relationship to a new level of intimacy in the beginning, the kiss can rekindle that passion again. You were just friends until you kissed. Just “hanging out buddies,” until the passionate kiss took your feelings up a notch. So if you have lost the power of the passionate kiss, you have reverted back to being “just friends,” to some degree. I realize you are busy, we all are, but if you are too busy for a passionate kiss you have forgotten just how wonderful it can be.

I challenge you to take your spouse by surprise and kiss them for at least 10 seconds today . You better start slow, with a regular kiss first, if you haven’t laid one on them in awhile. (Perhaps you should consult your physician before attempting this. Lol) Then, make a habit of doing that every day from here on. Just 10 seconds a day is all you are investing for now. If there is any ember of love left, this should reignite the fire and bring the passionate kiss back into your marriage. I hope it brings you back to weak knees, playful giggles and a consistent glow!

It is Valentine’s Day, just go ahead and lay one of your true love and see where it goes! Let me know how this experiment works!

P.S. Red kisses are the best!


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