PLAN A DATE WITH THE MATE- After you have taken a moment to “TAKE A SIGH & START WITH THE EYES,” why don’t you ask your mate out for a date? That’s right…A REAL DATE. I heard a guy say, “I dated her 20 years ago and I ain’t gonna do all that again! That’s a bunch of bull, married people dating again.” Perhaps that is the reason, my dear, you are begging for intimacy and being denied or having dreaded encounters with your wife.
Date_Night 2
Romance is everything in keeping your relationship “HOT!” Your marriage partner needs to feel cherished, loved, and pampered. I do not care if your budget is low and you have 15 kids; you can find a moment alone and make it special if you really want to. Have a picnic in the bedroom floor and bring your partner’s favorite candy, go “parking” in the driveway, watch television in the front room surrounded by candles with sparkling cider in wine glasses (after the kids have gone to bed), or take your true love out to a 5 star restaurant. Whatever you do, go out of your way to make the moment about just the two of you.

Remember all of the time and energy you spent planning special moments, leaving notes on cars, and just showing up unexpectedly to get a kiss when you were dating? Your love should not be on auto pilot now! You should still be making those moments that stoke the passion and keep the love flame burning! Get in touch with that old creativity and plan a moment, make it a date, and be ready to start adding up the brownie points! You are not just rediscovering your spouse, you are reminding them of all the reasons they fell in love with you in the first place. So, as Nike says, “JUST DO IT!” PLAN A DATE WITH THE MATE and make the experience take his/her breath away. A little effort goes a long way in the romance department!


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