Dear Aunt B….: My Husband and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage this August, we had a rough first half and within the last couple years have been doing amazing. What do you do daily to bless your husband, and what is your advice on keeping your marriage happy and healthy?
-Sacramento Sweetheart

Dear Sacramento Sweetheart:
I am so glad your marriage is on the right track! When you look back you will see that the hard times, make the good times seem so much sweeter. There is something about sticking it out through the tough times that builds trust and security between your husband and yourself.

On keeping your marriage happy and healthy, I would suggest trying to keep an eye out for the special things that make your husband smile. Each person has their own love language. Find out what his is and speak it loud and clear. I would highly recommend constantly affirming your husband publicly and privately. Make yourself his biggest cheerleader and #1 supporter! When the world beats him up, you be the one reminding him of the greatness inside of him. Point out his good character traits, affirm his acts of love for your children and try to notice the things he does for you and for others. Nobody wants to be taken for granted, so make sure he is not.

Next I would say, make time for intimacy with your husband. Men need intimacy and that should not be pushed to the back burner behind all the other needs that are constantly pulling at you. When you make intimacy with your husband a priority, you are showing him that connecting with him on a personal level is important to you. It has been said before, if the intimate part of the marriage is good, it is 5 percent of the marriage. If it’s bad, it becomes 95 percent of the marriage. If you take care of his needs in this department, he will most likely be more willing to attend to your needs with a joyful heart.

I hope your marriage lasts forever, taking care of each other is the key.

Aunt B

Aunt B’s replies are simply friendly, faith based opinions from the heart. We hope they inspire, help and bring comfort to you. However, Aunt B in no way claims to be a licensed or professional counselor. She simply shares wisdom from her years in her own professional, educational and life experiences. The decisions you make are your own choices. Aunt B hopes to be a heart that listens and inspires people.


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