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Welcome to my blog, “Free Tips From Red Lips!” I love sharing things from my journey that will inspire, motivate, and challenge others to be all that they can be. I think each generation should be stronger, wiser, and more informed by the prior generation. That can happen if we share our love, failures, mistakes, wisdom and short-cuts openly so that the next generation learn from our mistakes and be stronger and wiser.


I am passionate about my relationship with Christ, my husband and my kids, loving people where they are at, cooking, public speaking, frugal living, writing and so much more! Join me on this journey and see what we can learn from each other. I have had plenty of  awesome experiences and some that seemed like treks through hell itself. I am alive by the grace of God and by tips for living that came to me from the lips of beautiful people that cared enough to invest in me.


I’m known for my red lips, that’s where the blog title comes from. Women that wear red lipstick tend to be my kind of friends! Most likely, they are strong, triumphant women that refuse to be wrangled into anyone elses shoes. As a matter of fact, I look back over my life and most of the women I have admired most had red lips! My mom was a lady that would light up every room she walked into by her mere presence and inner beauty.Mom was the most incredible home-maker I’ve ever met and had a great love for people. My Pastor’s wife growing up, Betty Adkinson, was bigger than life to me as a little girl. After my mom passed away, she became my hero and my rescuer. She could always make me smile and taught me how to find peace in the toughest of times. Looking like a million bucks every time she stepped out of her house, she shopped from the sale racks, managed her family, life and church so very well. Betty always had time for me and anyone else that needed a smile or a moment of inspiration. Then there’s Dottie Rambo, a great Christian Artist, I met when I was 12. Dottie came from a desperate situation like I was facing and at 12 years old she struck out on her own with the clothes on her back and a guitar in pursuit of  a career in Christian Music. Dottie became one of the # 1 songwriters in the world, even Elvis recorded several of her tunes. These women and so many more, shared their journeys with me. They enhanced my life with love, their unique giftings, and their ability to be real. Each one of them seemed to always see through me, straight to my heart. Two of them I spent years with, one of them only a few short hours at a time with, but all of them inspired me and helped make into the woman that I am. Like beacons in the night, they all radiated God’s love and taught me to love people better! Individually, they came from difficult circumstances, but all of them triumphed over them and became amazing women. All of them had red lips!


I guess I recognized the power of red lips most, the day after my grandfather’s funeral. I was taking my grandmother to the court house to get my grandfather’s S.S.I. check switched into her name and file the legal papers for his death. My grandfather was an old time holiness preacher and she had never allowed herself to wear make-up or “war paint” as he called it. When the papers were signed and the funds were transferred to my Grandmother, she became a brand new woman! With a very serious look on her face, as though she was about to jump out of an airplane, my sweet grandmother said, “B., hand me your RED LIPSTICK!!!” I did as I was instructed and as she proudly ran that satiny tube of red lipstick across her tiny, wrinkled lips nervously shaking, I could feel a new freedom coming to my grandmother. The biggest smile came across her face. After being married since the age of 14, raising 10 children, burying 2 children, surviving the great depression, helping raise many other children and serving every community she lived in…her life was now her own. Now, without a hindrance in the world, she could become the woman SHE wanted to be and that new woman involved RED LIPS!


That’s what this blog and website is for me. It’s a fresh start at becoming who I want to be, aside from all the boxes I’ve allowed myself to be put in. I appreciate every place I’ve been and all that God has taught me, but on this my 49th Birthday month, I’m going to do what I’ve been wanting to do forever…Inspire others and turn my life experiences into a platform that others can grow from! So here we go with my solo launch of “FREE TIPS FROM RED LIPS!!!!”  I hope you enjoy the ride!!!!!


  1. Awesome blog BKay, love the story about your grandmother. You are so unique. I love your passion and finesse. (The picture on your blog, looks like another red lips queen we both know…)

    • bkayjones22 (Author)

      Thanks Donna! I’m so excited to get to see that sweet red lips queen in March! Wish you could come too! Love you, my friend!

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